To provide an opportunity for youth in the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District, Hadley, Sunderland, Belchertown and surrounding communities to play organized hockey. To instill a sense of honesty, courage, and respect in our youth, as well as teach t

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Playing Rules


All games will be played under the USA HOCKEY rules applying to the age group on the ice. Referees have been assigned by Amherst Hockey and are in compliance with Mass Hockey District 6 certification. Please note the tournament committee will not tolerate abuse of the officials by fans, parents, players or team officials. The referees will have the discretion to call bench penalties in such an occurrence. All team officials, players, parents, and fans must follow the “Zero Tolerance” rule listed in the current USA Hockey Rule Book.


TEAM AND PLAYER QUALIFICATION: A team is qualified to play a tournament game if (a) the team and all the players have been registered before the first game and the team is USA Hockey registered; (b) the tournament registration fee has been paid in full in advance; (c) any suspended coaches and or players are not on the bench or in the locker room.

The use of an ineligible player will result in the loss of the game that the ineligible player is used in. Age will be determined by the USA Hockey brackets.


MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PLAYERS: A team may register a maximum of 17 players for the tournament, including goaltenders, and may register up to four team officials. A maximum of four team officials will be allowed on the bench.


TIMING: Games will consist of a 1:30 minute warm-up and will be started by the officials on the ice and the timekeeper. Periods will be 3 x 12-minute period for each game. The first period will be running time. The second and third period will be start and stop. No game except for the Semi-finals and Championship Game will be longer than 55min.  Should a goal differential of 5 goals occur a running time mercy rule will be enacted for the third period; should that gap be brought below 5 goals the game will return to stop and go time. There will be delayed off-side rules enforced throughout to move along play.  All games will end after 55 minutes regardless of the time remaining to allow for all games to remain on schedule. Ice will be resurfaced after each game.




          Minor Penalties: 1 and ½ minutes

          Major: 4 minutes

          Misconduct: Half the period

          Intent to injure: Game Misconduct



RANKING TEAMS/TIEBREAKERS: All wins shall count for two points, ties for one point and a loss for zero points. The two teams with the highest point accumulation will play for the tournament championship. The following tie-breaker formula shall apply in the order shown:


(a)             Head to Head

(b)             Least goals allowed

(c)             Most goals scored

(d)             Lowest total penalty minutes

(e)             Coin toss


For Championship games, sudden victory overtime will be played as follows: 5vs5 for 5 minutes, 4vs4 for 5 minutes 3vs3 for 5 minutes. The 3vs3 must be maintained at all times despite penalties. Any player committing a penalty during 3vs3 play will serve the penalty and be unable to be used until the penalty is served and there is a stoppage in play.


EJECTIONS AND SUSPENSIONS: Apart from normal rules and penalties referees may eject a player or team official from the game for the penalties listed below. Suspensions will be assessed by the tournament director according to the following criteria:


Penalty                            Suspension/Ejection

Game Misconduct          Balance of the game and next game

Fighting                        Balance of the game and next game        

Three Penalties             Balance of game, 2nd offense out of tournament

Abuse of Officials          Balance of game and ALL remaining games